Island Alpaca: You Need To Go There.


A morning view: Island Alpaca

The first three days on the island it rained.  However, if you are blessed enough to breathe in the vineyard air and feel the ocean mist on your face then life is pretty good. So, I decided for those few days to bloom where I was planted and explore something new.  People mentioned Island Alpaca with great reviews. If you haven’t gone to Island Alpaca, you need to go there!

Island alpaca
Asland Alpaca
Island alpaca

I visited one afternoon, and loved it so much that I signed up for a discovery the next morning.  A discovery is an opportunity to learn first hand about  alpacas. Eric, the General Manager of the farm greeted me that morning.  Anything that you want to know about alpacas, he has the answer.  Prior to coming to Island Alpaca, Eric had his own alpaca farm in Ohio.  He is the epitome of cool and his genuine love for them is amazing. We started off the morning by feeding the females and then the males. Alpacas eat beet pulp.  You couldn’t help but laugh as they stood by the gate waiting to be fed. They looked like shoppers waiting for the doors at Nordstrom to open.  The gate soon opened and they made their way in.

Island Alpaca: Eric

That is when I met him…There is always one in a group. The person who photo bombs every picture.  I met the alpaca version of this description.  He goes by the name of Mr. Nosey.  Nosey is Eric’s shadow as he follows him throughout the farm.   I could see him pressing his nose against Eric’s back as if to say,” I’m still behind you-Hey look at me.”

Waiting for breakfast Island Alpaca: Mr. Nosey
in front

I learned a lot that day.  Did you know that alpacas will hum to each other as a form of communication?  Different tones are used in order to express their feelings. Alpacas have a bad reputation for spitting, but that is more common with alpacas from a petting zoo as they have come to expect something from humans thus making them more aggressive.  While they are not a companion type of animal, they like to be in your area as witnessed by the way Nosey followed Eric around.  They are interesting animals.

Island Alpaca

Before you leave Island Alpaca, you need to check out their store. They have a wide variety of gifts including alpaca handbags, clothes, scarves, and even things for the home. I was happy to find alpaca yarn!

I finally went on my way but I will always remember this visit. Thank you Eric and Island Alpaca for your kindness.  I will be back.

Early morning: Island Alpaca


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    • Bob
    • July 28, 2017

    Eric is awesome and made it a great discovery!

    • Eric DeWitt
    • July 28, 2017


    • Sharon
    • July 30, 2017

    I’d like to meet Mr. Nosey. Too cute! Looks like a cool place.

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