The Sweet Life Cafe in Oaks Bluff takes the goodness of the earth and elevates it to the spectacular

The Sweet Life Café, Oaks Bluff, MV

My grandparents lived in a house that stood as a backdrop against purple irises and lilies. This was a community where people valued their time in the garden and took pride in what they grew.  Making rhubarb and cherries into a pie was a craft.  One of the many places to play as a child was under the grape arbor.  When the time came to make jelly it was something grand.  Each finished jar would sit ceremoniously on the kitchen counter catching the sun like a jewel.  Perhaps this is why I love Martha’s Vineyard.  There is an understanding here of the good things of this earth and the elevation of it.  The colors of this island are brought to the table in the same way that I grew up.  The Sweet Life Cafe in Oaks Bluff takes all of this goodness and elevates it to the spectacular.

I had dinner for the first time at the Sweet Life Café during my visit to the island in June.  It is located on Circuit Avenue, in a restored Victorian home adorned by flowers.  That night we dined outside amidst the tiny white lights on the patio. The cocktails were exquisite and the local striped bass was served in a broth that warmed your taste buds and your soul. It was all farm to table that you didn’t want to end. I finished the night with a rhubarb dessert that was the perfectly tart and sweet at the same time.

Thank you Sweet Life for a night that was reminiscent of the good things in life.  I cannot wait to return!



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