Hotel Le Pigonnet: An Experience for the Senses

“Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing ones sensation”

Paul Cezanne

When I travel, I love to make a connection with the people, nature, or art that surrounds me. It doesn’t always happen, however, when it does, it is an experience that touches my soul in a profound way. I want to tell you about a place that made a lasting impression upon me. It also has ties to one of my favorite painters, Paul Cezanne. It is called, Hotel Le Pigonnet, and it is tucked away on its own quiet part of Aix-en -Provence, France. The hotel has an artistic history and it sits among 2 acres of paradise with interior buildings that merge old world class and charm with an upscale/modern vibe. Hotel Le Pigonnet is an experience for the senses and it is exactly what I look for in a place to stay.


The grounds of Le Hotel Pigonnet

Once you pass through the gates of this 18th century Provencal mansion, every worry and care seems to drift. You are immediately surrounded by beautiful buildings and the feeling that yes, it only gets better from here.

Because it was our anniversary, the hotel very thoughtfully upgraded us to a room with a bay window which had sweeping views. The room was lovely and everything was laid out in a thoughtful manner upon our arrival. There was a bottle of champagne, snacks, a gift of local olive oil, some cozy robes, mini bar, and a nespresso machine for people like us who cannot function without caffeine.

It was the view of the trees and the grounds below that made me feel like I needed to pinch myself. If that wasn’t enough, you can also see Sainte Victoire Mountain. By the way, the Sainte Victoire Mountain area is something to see or hike as it is close to the hotel. Cezanne used the mansion,(hotel), and its grounds in order to paint. According to many sources, it was important for him to see and sense the objects that he was painting. He painted the incredible view of Sainte Victoire Mountain from an area within the hotel that is now a terrace full of plants and flowers.

The rooms inside Hotel Le Pigonnet

After dropping off our bags, we spent a couple of hours exploring the two acre garden area with a drink that was enhanced by a sprig of rosemary. We were welcomed by the smell of roses which grew on the overhead trellises and every once in a while, the scent of lavender would drift by us. Century old chestnut trees and ornamental bushes rested against whimsical statues. The garden was well planned as a place for people to linger with a drink, party, or simply recline with a book.

We were serenaded by doves, and the trickle of water in several of the fountains. I could imagine Cezanne walking around the garden as he was known to do. All of my senses were taking in a part of history that made all of this so incredibly surreal.

The pool at Hotel Le Pigonnet

Leaving the hotel was much harder than I thought. This was not only a wonderful escape, it was also close to so many wonderful points of interest such as; the lively part of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, and Cassis.

Hotel Le Pigonnet
Hotel Le Pigonnet

That morning, we had our last coffee by the bay window. The sun was beginning to rise and I wanted to take a mental picture of it. I was sitting with my husband who is also my best friend. We sat and watched a vivid sunrise that looked almost as if Cezanne painted it with the thick brush strokes that he was known for along with his colorful palette. Life is meant to be experienced in the way that Cezanne painted. Hotel Le Pigonnet understands that concept too. I try to live that way as much as I can, however, sometimes, I can get caught up in everyday life. If I forget, I start to think about this place.


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    • Bob
    • February 17, 2020

    A magical experience with the love of my life.

  1. You are the love of my life always.

    • Sharon Hoss
    • March 17, 2020

    That sounds and looks absolutely lovely!

  2. Sharon-One of the most beautiful places that I have ever experienced..

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