The Pie Maker: A Magical Place in Galway Ireland


The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland

If you are headed to Galway, Ireland and looking for comfort on a plate then you need to stop at the Pie Maker. It reminds you of something that you would see in a fabled storybook.  I promise you that the entire experience is magical. Don’t be surprised if you have a tough time locating it.  It’s funny how all of the great restaurants have that mystique.  Our phones kept shutting down and there didn’t seem to be much hope. All of the sudden it appeared like a Christmas miniature lit from within. You could hear laughter coming from inside.  This was the place!

The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland

Once seated in our tiny booth, we couldn’t help but look around.  Everything was quirky and cozy.  It was out of a movie, yet it wasn’t trying to be a movie.  There was the famous wall that so many talk about covered in old wooden rulers. A counter was shrouded by an antique clock and bric a brac. All of this coziness blocked out the hard rain in Galway that night.

The Pie Maker, Galway, Ireland

However, can we talk abut the best part?  Yes, those magical pies filled with meat or poultry accompanied by mashed potatoes, smashed peas, and gravy. They even have a pistachio and goat cheese pie for the vegetarian. This was grandma’s baking meets sophistication. Dinner was served with an organic green salad which tried to take the sting out of the calories.  That doesn’t matter.  You know what you came for.  Did we get dessert? Yes we did, and it was one of the best apple pies that I ever had.  We took it back to our hotel and had it later.  This place is pure magic! It is an experience that you have to try if you are ever in the heart of Galway.






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