Simmons Farm: Flower Power

Simmons Farm: Gotravelfindsoul

Color, mindfulness, and scent…Flowers are powerful agents in the art of feeling good.

We could all use a little more of that right? Recently I made a trip to Simmons Farm for some flower therapy and I left with more than a bouquet.

Simmons Farm,: Gotravelfindsoul

Upon arrival, I made a quick stop at their market where I was given a bucket and scissors. Your deposit will be refunded once both are returned. Hopping into my car, I drove ahead to the field and parked.  Looking around I realized that this was no ordinary cutting farm. The vibe was a French countryside with nothing but birds chirping, rolling hills, and occasional laughter coming from people who were further out in the field.

Simmons Farm: Gotravelfindsoul

Standing amongst the sunflowers, I felt the sun on my shoulders and took in the view of their vibrant yellow petals with faces turned towards the sun. This is where I would start looking for the perfect bloom. Time got away from me that day and I found myself in a new section of flowers. I was ever present in the moment creating my work of art. The thought of where to grab a coffee or the emails that needed my attention faded in those fields. There is bliss and beauty in such simplicity.

Flowers hold a tremendous amount of power.

Simmons Farm: Gotravelfindsoul

The smell of earth, flowers, and rain from earlier that morning was calming. 

That day I left with my creation and something more. My priorities realigned and my spirit was light. On the way home, I found a place for a cup of coffee. I ordered something out of my norm, turned on some 80’s music, and drove home a little slower. We need to sneak these kind of days into our lives.

Simmons Farm: Gotravelfindsoul

Located in McMurray, Pennsylvania, Simmons Farm  has been in business for over 40 years. They are more than a pick your own flower farm. Here you can find Fall festivals, a greenhouse, pumpkins, birthday parties, pick your own fruit and more. Their staff is friendly and welcoming. Go check them out.

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