You Need to Take a Day Trip to Atasia Spa in Berkeley Springs

Atasia Spa, Berkeley Springs, WV

I am a big fan of finding great escapes by car.  It is almost my mission that started shortly after moving back to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia. What can I say about Berkeley Springs, West Virginia? I first found the quintessential spa town by accident while driving home from South Carolina.  At first glance, it could be described as a quaint little town with a retro movie theatre, shops, and restaurants.  Known for its healing waters, even George Washington made it one of his favorite retreats as he took in the springs. However, it is so much more than that. It is a place that is a little bit moxie and chill at the same time. Some call it a little bit quirky.  All of those words make sense when describing one of my favorite places to go for over ten years. There will be more to come about Berkeley Springs as a weekend destination in my future posts.  Right now I want to tell you why you need to take a day trip to Atasia Spa, one of the stars of Berkeley Springs.  At first I  wondered if it would be possible to take a relaxing day trip in the winter with a two hour and 45 minute drive. The answer is yes! Over thinking every single thing in this life leads to a pretty dull existence. Of course I waited for a couple clear days according to my weather app and booked my services. We left around 10am on a Friday morning which gave  us a couple of hours to sleep in.  If you are with someone as I was, you will find it to be a very easy drive. It was like a two cups of coffee and some good conversation kind of drive.  Yes-I said conversation, however, if you prefer it to be good music and coffee, that will work too. The end result was the perfect day at Atasia Spa. Let me tell you why.

Atasia Spa, WV

When I arrived in the town of Berkeley Springs, I found it just as I had left it in the fall except it was a little more quiet. However, I noticed many different license plates from the bordering states who came for the same reason-a spa day. Atasia Spa sits on a back street in a historic building that was once home to a newspaper office.  As soon as you walk in, you know that this is the place.  The staff treat you like you are an old friend who has just returned home.  The design and layout of the spa is also something that gives an immediate impression and fosters the overall experience. This makes sense as the owner of Atasia, Frankie Tan was an interior designer in his native home, Malaysia. He then went on to study the art of  massage at the Wat Po Buddhist Temple in Bangkok.  I do not know much about interior design, however, the flow of the spa along with the placement of relics and other pieces of art make it an even greater experience.

Atasia Spa, Berkeley Springs, WV
Atasia Spa, Berkeley Springs, WV


Relax in the waters of the springs before your services, at Atasia Spa, Berkeley Springs, WV


One of the many spaces to relax and enjoy some Berkleley Springs water at Atasia Spa, Berkeley Springs, WV

That morning, I started off by spending 30 minutes in the jet spa. If you have never bathed in the spring water here, I advise that you do it.  You will feel a difference in your skin and any tired muscles.  I then went on to have an hour massage with Frankie Tan. I will tell you two things about a getting a massage at Atasia- it is healing and it is a true art form. You will be better from the experience.  Frankie Tan and his staff have some amazing credentials and the spa has been recognized by some of the more prestigious publications. I am not surprised.  However, massage is only one of the many services that they offer here.

Atasia Spa, Berkeley Springs, WV

After my amazing time at Atasia, I headed to Tari’s Restaurant. You cannot have Atasia without Tari’s.  When you walk in, you feel the immediate warmth of the staff and the atmosphere.  Oh, did I mention the food? Divine! We had many laughs and I managed to sneak in one of their winter drinks…maybe two.  I think that it had a little bit of prosecco, and hard cider.  All that I know is that it was perfect. Besides, I was not the designated driver on the ride back.


Ashlyn and the entire staff at Tari’s Restaurant rock! Berkeley springs, WV

After Tari’s, we headed for home. Despite how cold it was, the day was perfect. I managed to destress and get rid of every kink in my neck and back.  I also managed to have a lunch that was relaxing and not hurried.  We were back by 5pm that day with enough time left to spare. I cannot stress the importance of living off the grid once in a while.  Mix things up. Life seems more like an adventure when you live that way.  I will see you again soon Atasia Spa and Tari’s.  Thank you as always.





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    • Sharon
    • February 13, 2018

    Sounds like you had a great time, Natalie! I have fond memories of going to Berkley Springs with you. 🙂

  1. Thanks Sharon! Me too!

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