Oh How Sweet It Is: A Candy Shop That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

I think that most of us can remember being a kid and the excitement of going to the local store with our friends to buy candy. The store that I am thinking of was a tiny family owned business that had the best penny candy selection. I always left with plenty of candy fish and red hot dollars. As soon as we left the store, we would open our bags to compare what we bought. Fast forward as an adult and those memories returned after visiting, Oh How Sweet It Is, in Cheswick, Pa. Once you step inside, this place will make you feel like a kid again.

With over 1500 items stocked, this sweet shop doesn’t disappoint. Customers can find candy dating back to the 1920’s. Here you will find; Asher’s Confections,(Kennywood Chocolates), Ashby’s Sterling Ice cream, and Albanese Worlds Best Gummies. This is just a few. I was excited to find my favorite candy-Chowards as well as a large selection of vintage sodas. I left with the perfect gifts to send to friends and family.

Oh How Sweet It Is definitely has a little something for everyone. Did I mention that they are making different chocolate confections just in time for Halloween? Well now you know. I can only imagine this place during the up and coming holidays. The owner told me that he enjoys having a business where people can feel like a kid again. I can see that he takes great pride in his business by how he interacts with his customers. This store has something for all ages. It left me feeling a bit nostalgic that day as it is an experience not to be missed.

The Shop is located at: 1331 Freeport Road, in Cheswick, Pa. 15024. * As always, please check with the store for hours of operation.

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