A New Year of Serendipity: Let it Find You

The Burren, Ireland

We are 12 days into the new year and there is a chance that right now you are experiencing an artic blast. I can hear the birds chirping outside as it is 62 degrees-strange. However, the blast is scheduled to arrive this evening.  Now is the perfect time to finish my post for the new year. Last year was wonderful. Not every year has been like that. On New Year’s Eve I started thinking about 2017 as they started the countdown. For a brief minute I thought, “No! Don’t go! It’s been good!” We can’t stop time but I couldn’t stop thinking about the moments of this past year. The chain of events that leave you standing in awe and scratching your head. You can’t explain any of it because if you tried people would think you were just plain crazy.  The life affirming events that leave you knowing that you are blessed.  All of them woven into 365 days. As I look back, my year could be summed up by using one word, serendipity. Wikipedia describes it as,” a fortunate or unplanned coincidence.” It is like having something divine drop into your hands on an ordinary day except you were not looking for it. To this day, it remains one of the most difficult words to translate. This one word seems to defy all logic and reason. I have read articles where serendipity is discounted as being a blessing. It is merely seen as some sort of chance or luck. For the sake of this post and my readers I prefer to see it as a blessing. I have always had a child-like faith and prefer to keep it that way. Serendipity isn’t something that you can find.  It finds you…

Serendipity comes in many forms. I am not an expert, however, I am thinking about my encounter with a stranger this past summer.  I was at Menemsha, a famous fishing village on Martha’s Vineyard. It was a Friday and people had collected on the beach in order to enjoy some fresh seafood and celebrate the sunset. I have always loved this place for its cool vibe. I was sitting on the beach drinking a glass of wine and watching some crazy seagulls hover over a group of kids trying to entice them with a bag of potato chips.  At that moment an older woman sat next to me. We started a conversation and I felt an immediate comfort in her presence. At that time I had some things that were heavy on my heart and she addressed them without knowing.  I sat there in awe. We then talked about faith and I felt a tremendous feeling of well-being.  No, it wasn’t the wine.  The conversation ended at the same moment that I watched the sun drop like liquid silk over the horizon and heard the applause of those on the beach. We hugged each other,wiped the sand off, and said goodbye. I knew that she would remain a stranger but our conversation let me know that I had just been blessed with that experience.

Menemsha, MV

How about those series of events that you cannot explain? I am thinking about my trip to Ireland this past April. We became lost on our way to Connemara National Park. Our cell service was gone and the rain fell down like daggers on the windshield. There were three small shops that appeared out of nowhere.  We stopped in order to get directions and to look around. The shop owner was a man who appeared to be busy behind the counter making jewelry of some kind. He then got up and asked how he could help. We asked for directions and it was then that he noticed how cold and wet we were.  He motioned for us to come around the back as he turned on a very large industrial blower. The moment he turned it on all of his papers and receipts flew off the top of his desk like a pile of fall leaves. We gestured to help pick them up but he insisted that we get warm. The heat was immediate and I could feel my hands starting to thaw.  His kindness was amazing.  We warmed up, purchased a few items, and left with his directions.  I remember him saying that these directions go a little out of the way, however, we will thank him for it.  When we got into the car it started to hail, but we trusted his directions and took off.  It stopped hailing once we arrived at Connemara National Park.  Suddenly within a blink of an eye there was an image in front of us that was amazing. It was the most beautiful rainbow that stretched across the rugged terrain.  It was so beautiful that we got out of the car.  It almost looked at if we could touch it. I  remember feeling very good about life and thanking God for that rainbow, the shop owner, and that crazy blower.

Make a wish-Connemara,Ireland

There are some unexplained events in life that lead you to a person who will become your friend.  You can never explain those events and timing or why you feel so comfortable with them. For some reason you are able to relate to their journey and they understand yours as well.  One of my favorite German-American poets, Charles Bukowski put it best, ” The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it-basically because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.” I have made friendships like that on Martha’s Vineyard this past summer. Those events leading up to how we became friends remain a bit of a sweet mystery.  I would like to think that it was serendipity.

Oaks Bluff Marina, MV

Serendipity is very rare and is said to occur in only one percent of our lifetime. Think about that. That is why I consider it a blessing. I do not consider gaining something material as serendipity.  The word is just too beautiful.  I call those experiences your “lucky day.”  There are many who have tried to denounce that it exists at all. Some say that it is merely coincidence.  I live by my faith in God as I have never believed in coincidences.

Connemara, Ireland

Right now the sky has turned gray and the birds have taken cover outside. I can hear my wind chimes swaying in the back yard. Unfortunately, mother nature went crazy again and is unleashing her fury. Howard has disappeared and headed for cover near a furnace vent. Time to make a pot of soup and light the fireplace.  In the meantime, I hope that this is the kind of year where you are open to new people and places.  I say that because sadly I was not always present in the moment. I was too worried about “stuff.” Serendipity will continue to be debated for years to come.  Let them debate.  I will always think of serendipity as a blessing from above. I hope that everyone has the chance to experience it in its many forms. In the meantime, stay warm and have the best year ever!









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    • Sharon
    • February 13, 2018

    Beautiful, Natalie, and I hope you have a blessed and Happy 2018!

  1. You too!

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